Day 2: The need to be free

"You must do well.
You must succeed.
You need to end up with someone better than yourself.
You need to marry into riches.
Take these classes instead of those.
Im your parent and you will obey me.
You need to get straight As.
You need many after schools activities." - As said by others.

Day 2: Free.

Ever heard that being said to you. By someone close to you.

The thing to do is take a deep breath, before you have a serious breakdown, as do all of us get. But you'll feel the need to have one more often.

Just remember that you need to be free.
Do what you like.
Have your own plan for your life.
Just have a backup plan just in case doing what you love doesnt work out, but you can do the 2nd thing you love.
Make sure, you do the things you do for yourself.
Its your life and your dreams you are living.
Not the parents or guardians, but YOU!
YOU YOU YOU! Yourself!
Live, Laugh, Love.
Be Healthy, Prosperity.
Feel good.

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